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King James Bible

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King James Bible Overview

For hundreds of years, many theological studies have been conducted on the Bible; the world's most popular text.  Over the course of many years a map of how the different verses in the Bible relate to one another and the meaning imparted by each verse in the Bible has been put together.  We have taken it one step further and implemented our semantics and parameterised search engines into this product.

King James Bible image Using the most complete Bible text with all 66 books available and knowledge elicitation techniques, this vast body of knowledge has been encoded into one easy-to-use application giving you the possibility to unlock the key meaning of the verses in the books.

Key Features

Semantic Search

Search the Bible for the specific meaning imparted by particular verses and view them one after each other to better understand how verses from different chapters relate to each other.

Verse Relate Search

While reading the verses of the Bible you can instantly relate the current verse being read with other verses in all chapters of the Bible.

Keyword Bible Search

Search the entire Bible using parameters to include, exclude or select between words.

Extensive Report Generation

Generate full screen reports based on your search criteria or generate a report on all the verses in a Book or Chapter. All reports have a handy zoom feature and are prepared in a printer firendly format for instant printing.

Minimum System Requirements

  1. Microsoft Windows™ XP (SP2) and above
  2. Intel Pentium™ 3 running at 500MHz or AMD™ equivalent
  3. 512MB RAM
  4. 30-50MB Hard Disk Space
  5. SVGA (800x600) Graphics Adapter with 24 bit colour support

King James Bible Free Trial

Reporting, Topic Search and Topic Cross-Reference are disabled in the trail version.

Download FREE King James Bible Trial Version   [Version: 3.4.0 - Size: 5.50Mb]

Installation Instructions: Unzip the King James Bible files to a temporary setup folder and double click setup to start the installation procedure, then follow the installation instructions on the screen.

King James Bible Registration

Product Registration costs €1

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