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Computer Aided Racing Software

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C.A.R.S. Overview

Using precise mathematical modelling for engine and transmission design together with our own vehicle performance simulation software, diagnostic and telemetry systems, C.A.R.S. offers you a suite of applications to help you achieve maximum performance when tuning your car or motorbike.

C.A.R.S. image C.A.R.S. relies on first-hand experience gained during time spent working with sport engine designers together with a thorough understanding of the physics involved in the process of tuning and maximizing vehicle performance. Traffic is involved in various projects including Drag Racing Timing Systems and Performance Telemetry.

Key Features

Tyre Calculator, Gearbox Ratio Designer, Exhaust System Designer, Forced Induction & Dynamic Compression Calculator, Cubic Capacity & Static Compression Optimiser, BHP Calculator, Elapsed Time Calculator and Performance Graphs. 

All the information is presented to the user in a user friendly Graphical User Environment. The application allows you to save the details of more than one vehicle and also provides an intuitive interface to be able to quickly retrieve the vehicle data making it ideal for service centres and people tuning more than one vehicle.

Note that all our performance related calculations are based on optimum conditions of driving, barometric pressure and traction co-efficiency.

Minimum System Requirements

  1. Microsoft Windows™ XP (SP2) and above
  2. Intel Pentium™ 3 running at 500MHz or AMD™ equivalent
  3. 512MB RAM
  4. 30-50MB Hard Disk Space
  5. SVGA (800x600) Graphics Adapter with 24 bit colour support

C.A.R.S. Free Trial

Saving is disabled in the trail version.

Download FREE C.A.R.S. Trial Version   [Version: 3.7.0 - Size: 6.2Mb]

Installation Instructions: Unzip the C.A.R.S. files to a temporary setup folder and double click setup to start the installation procedure, then follow the installation instructions on the screen.

C.A.R.S. Product Registration

Product Registration costs €5

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