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Managing today's Information Technology can be taxing on a company's human resources and budget. Our aim is to provide human intellectual knowledge to meet our client's information technology goals using a mix of internal and external staff and outside consulting resources, thus achieving rapid benefits for our clients.

We provide Information Technology consulting helping your organisation achieve a world-class level of technical competence at a lower cost than having to employ full-time personnel. Using our knowledge of the information technology sector, we can help companies fulfil the following information technology business needs:

Enterprise Application Integration

The value that Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) brings to a company is tremendous. Organisations have a number of applications that perform one or more tasks and have been running for decades using proprietary systems. EAI offers the opportunity of providing you with the "glue" needed to connect all the separate applications and increase productivity in your business operations while providing you with the ability to exploit the possibilities of the Internet and other new technologies.


Due to our in-house software product programmes we are in a position to offer you the advantage of our specialised knowledge in the implementation of image-based systems for use in, for example, document and image archiving.

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